LED Lighting - Perfect for Buried Lighting Applications

We were asked to provide advice this week for the best product for uplighting the exterior of a property. The client had a good idea of the kind of things he required, but wasn’t exactly certain which products were best suited to the application. Many of the lights are to be buried in the ground and our recommendation here is to use LED lighting.

With traditional lighting products, the need to change the bulb means that these lights cannot be completely sealed. However, due to the extremely long life of LEDs, these LED lighting products are often completely sealed, preventing any chance of water ingress. Many of these products are IP68 rated, which means they are suitable for submersion under water, and in most cases carry guarantees of up to 7 years!

So if you are thinking of installing buried lights outside, we strongly recommend the use of LED lighting. For more information, please visit our LED lighting section.

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