LED Lighting - The Future?

LED Lighting in Use

Well, we certainly think so. Over the past 12 months, LED lighting has advanced, has become more affordable and is being asked for in more and more domestic projects. No longer is LED lighting used solely for colour changing effects, but consumers are asking for these products after learning of the benefits of low energy consumption and much longer bulb life. And with recent developments making certain LED products mains dimmable, this technology is making the crossover from commercial to domestic applications.

We have supplied LED lighting to many domestic projects in the last 12 months. Take for example, a traditional farmhouse in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire, where the customer expressly specified LED lighting throughout the project, wishing to be as green as possible. The final result was stunning - the warmth of the LED light was at least on a par with its halogen predecessor.

Or another in another home in Cheshire, where we used LED lighting products selectively in hard to reach areas where bulb changing would prove to be difficult.  In this case, the customer probably won’t need his ladders to change these bulbs for at least 20 years!

In commercial applications, LED lighting is proving to be a useful tool to combat rising energy costs. We have recently completed projects to install LED lighting at Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers FC. Here, the Stadium Manager wanted an LED lighting solution that would allow him to dim the lights for various different functions. He also wanted to get out of the habit of having one of his electricians spend a full day before each match changing dud halogen bulbs – our LED solution allowed both, with large energy savings an added bonus!

In restaurants and pubs, LED lighting is having a significant effect on running costs. Take the Clog and Billycock pub in Blackburn, where we have converted the existing halogen lights to LED lighting. Their electricity bills came down from £3000 per month to £2000 per month – a massive saving that means the cost of installing the LED lighting is paid for in just 12 months!

Finally, one area where LED lighting really comes into its own is exterior lighting. Due to the long life of the LEDs and there being no need to change the bulb, most exterior LED lighting products are completely sealed, preventing water ingress. As a result, this sealed exterior lighting becomes much more reliable and long lasting.

This is why we believe the future looks bright for LED lighting. LED lighting products can be found in the LED section of our website.

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