Don't forget T5 Lighting Technology!

In our enthusiasm for LED lighting, we must be careful not to get too carried away Ė while it is considered to be the lighting of the future, we must not forget that we are designing in the present!

This week, we have had two very similar enquiries, from people wanting to create a continuous, unbroken, gentle wash of light. In both cases, LED lighting was the way to go, so we were told. However, letís take a step back for a moment. Both installations were easy to reach, so lamp changing would not be a problem, so is LED lighting really the best technology to use here? Letís not forget the good old (or relatively new) T5 lamp technology. These super slim lamps are low energy and have relatively long lamp lives. Sure, in both of these aspects, T5 lamps fall short of their LED lighting equivalents, but at 25% of the installation costs of LED lighting, we surely cannot rule this technology out.

In both cases, our recommendation was to use T5 tubes as these are reliable, consume low levels of energy and are much less expensive to install. So letís not all get too carried away by LED lighting just yet, as in both the projects above, LED lighting would cost four times the amount to install than its T5 cousins.  

So letís not forget T5 technology. Its slim, energy efficient, has good lamp life and is readily available at a good price!

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